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Consigning at The Working Woman’s Shop


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Q. Do I need an appointment?
A.  Yes.  We only have so much room in the shop, and we can only process so many items each day.  For that reason, we only take 3-5 people a day.  Our appointment calendar is often booked up 1-2 months in advance, so call early in the season to make an appointment.  316-943-3388

Q. How many items can I bring?
A.  Please limit yourself to about 30 items on hangers per appointment.  If you have more, we can make multiple appointments for you.  You can bring accessories (shoes, purses, belts, scarves, jewelry) and home décor items in addition to the 30 hanging items.

Q. What types of items can I consign?
A.   Women’s clothing from casual to formal and everything in between. If you have specialty items like wedding dresses, scrubs, maternity, etc, call first to see if we are taking them.
Accessories like belts, scarves, shoes, purses and jewelry.
Home Décor including pictures, figurines, vases, new decorative candles, silk flower arrangements, etc. (We do not consign bedding, kitchen utensils, dishware, etc.)
Basically, we consign things that have no purpose other than to look pretty and gather dust!)  We will consign antiques and collectibles, but we don’t ask a lot for them.
Bath & personal items must be brand new.  We consign bath gels, lotions, perfume and unopened gift packs.  (You know, those things you get for Christmas that you don’t use…)
Miscellaneous items including used movie videos, books on tape, gift books, and coffee-table books.

Q. How do I prepare my items?
A. Clothes must be “in season.”  When you call for your appointment, ask what types of items will be accepted.  You have 90 days to sell your items, so generally whatever you would wear in the next 90 days is what we will take.  Clothes must be clean, pressed, and on hangers when you bring them in.  If they are wrinkled, we don’t always find spots right away, and you will have to make another trip to pick them up later.  We need them on hangers so we can look through them quickly, so they don’t get wrinkled, and so we can get them ready for sale more quickly.  (We can provide hangers or return yours.)  Items with spots, missing buttons, snags, tears, ring-around-the-collar, etc, can not be put out for sale.
Décor items cannot have chips or cracks and should be washed or dusted. Clean pictures with a glass cleaner.
Shoes and purses should be free of scuffs and dirt. It helps to wipe the insides with a damp cloth. Shine if needed.
**Remember: Your items will sell quicker and for more money the better they look.

Q. What will happen at my appointment?
A.  Appointments generally only take about 15 minutes.  We will quickly inspect the items to see what we think will sell and give you the rest back.  If you are a “first-time” consignor, you will be asked to complete a contract (see Contract).  You will be given a copy of the contract and a “reminder slip” that shows approximately when your 90-day consignment period ends.
**If you expect to receive a certain amount out of an item, now is the time to discuss it.

Q. How are my consignment items priced?
A.  The Working Woman’s Shop will price and markdown items based on our 20 years' experience in resale.  Our mission is to sell your items at a reasonable price that will benefit both the consignor and the customer.  Prices are based on brand names, condition, and the “cuteness factor.”  When your 90-day consignment period is about up, we generally mark your items half price to try to get them sold for you.
**If you expect to receive a certain amount out of an item, discuss it with us when you bring in the item.  Don’t wait until you get a check for $8 to tell us you expected $40!  We will work with you if we can.

Q. How long will my items be on consignment?
A.  We have a 90-day consignment period.  The 90 days starts the day the item is put out for sale.  We generally put items out for sale in the order they came in, so it may be a week or two after you bring them.  You are welcome to call any time you have items consigned with us to check on due dates and see if you have a check to pick up.

Q. When and how much do I get paid?
A.  You will be paid 40% of the final sale price for any items that sell within your 90-day consignment period.  Checks are issued at the beginning of each month for the prior month’s sales.  If you live in Wichita, your check will be available for pickup at The Working Woman’s Shop by the 6th of the month. Out-of-town consignors have the option of picking up their check at the shop each month OR having their check (reduced by postage) mailed to them quarterly.

Q. Do I HAVE to pick up my unsold items?
A.  No.  Most of our consignors never want to see their items again!  After the 90-day consignment period, the items automatically become the legal property of the shop.  You don’t have to do anything unless you do want them back.  Items that you leave are deeply discounted and eventually donated if they don’t sell.  Most of our donations go to The YWCA Women’s Crisis Center in Wichita, which provides a safe house and other resources for battered and abused women and their children.

Q. Can I pick up my unsold items?
A.  Yes.  Each time you bring in clothes, we will give you a “reminder slip” showing your approximate due date (end of 90-day period). You must call The Working Woman’s Shop before this date to confirm that you want to pick up your items.  When you call, we will tell you when your final day of consignment is and schedule your pick-up day.  We will find your items the day before and get them ready for you to pick up.  If you do not call by your final consignment date, the items automatically become the legal property of The Working Woman’s Shop and the computer deletes them from your record.  We have no way of locating your items for you after your consignment period is up.  You can still come to the shop and look for your items.  We will gladly return any that haven’t already been sold or donated.

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