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Customer Comments


Consignor Comments




Why did you choose to consign with The Working Woman’s Shop?

A. Barnes:  "Because I trust and respect your store & co-workers, and hope that the clothes I’ve sold will bring a smile to someone’s face.  It certainly has made me a happy person with my purchases.  I can always call your store to check on my account and I am always treated so well on the phone!  Your Payout Summaries are so professional and I appreciate knowing what I have sold."

K. Brand:  "I … made… more than I would have “garage sale-ing” them."

N. Dopps:  "You are thorough, fair and prompt.  I appreciate the paperwork."

S. Green:  "The shop has always shown professionalism in their dealings. The owner and employees are always friendly and courteous.  I always come back – must be doing things right! "

P. Hanson:  "I enjoyed shopping here and felt others might have a similar taste as mine.  I now can buy a variety of clothes and place my “not (worn) so much” items back into circulation.  You conduct business in a professional, honest manner.  I appreciate the Payout Summary you provide and the “donate” option."

V. Hardiman:  "If I consign clothes I can rotate my wardrobe frequently.  It’s nice to get a few dollars for my items.  Of course then I use those dollars in your store!  My items sell more readily at your shop."

A. Montgomery:  "You are nice, great shop, and the only store close to my home that offers consignment opportunity.  You are honest and forthcoming and often offer suggestions of when things can be brought back … if you didn’t take them before."

J. Neufeld:  "It is easier to get to the store even if I live out of town – 30 miles away.  I am happy and like the service."

D.. Wydra:  "I like to shop there. (Consignment service is) easy to use."

P Wendelburg:  "Curiosity – stopped one day years ago to see what it was all about – talked to (the owner) and the rest is history.  You sell 95% of what I bring in."

N. Pauly:  "I have nice clothing and (décor) items.  I think they do a good job and try to get a fair price for us and the customers.  They mail a check and I just need a reminder to pick up my items. "

K. Kampling:  "They carry dress clothes for my age group.  They give me a fair price."

N. Dopps:  "(I like it when you) explain why something is rejected."

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