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Women's Clothing & Home Decor
Working Woman Shop
2075 N. West Street
Wichita, KS  67203
(316) 943-3388
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Customer Comments


Consignor Comments




What They're Saying...
P. Wendelburg:  "What do I like most about the shop?  The 5 “Foxy Ladies” that run the shop.  It’s clean, merchandise well displayed and good prices on very nice clothing."

D. A. Zsamba:  "Relaxed quiet atmosphere – Helpful and cheery staff! Racks are easy to get to and around – not crowded.  I love the jewelry and purses!"

S. Green:  "I never felt I was in a consignment shop.  The displays always look nice and the employees dress professional."

A. Barnes:  "Your store is one of my favorites and I feel you are one of the Best.  Compared to some other shops that are cramped for space – your shop is spacious and clean!"

P. Hanson:  "The ˝ (price) room is terrific.  And for those times I need to browse but don’t want to try on clothes, I LOVE to wander through the “bric-a-brac” room.  And the jewelry selection is nice as well!"

B. Barlow:  "I have been losing weight over the past several years and I have been able to replenish my closet at a very nominal fee.  I also am able to pass along my non-fitting items."

L. Eaton:  "As a teacher, my income is limited and my job is hard on my clothes.  I’ve always been eager for a bargain on good quality clothing and I find that at your shop.  I also will risk buying clothing that might not necessarily “look like me.”  Usually I end up wearing it; but if I don’t, it hasn’t been a huge investment."

A. Montgomery:  "Single mom – one income – have to look good and save money on my favorite thing – CLOTHES!"

L. Eaton:  "I often have people compliment me on the clothing I buy at Working Woman.  They are surprised items came from a resale shop. The store staff is always friendly.  I feel comfortable browsing.  There is no pressure to purchase, which I appreciate."

D. Ward:  "Staff makes me feel like family!  Always great."

D. Zsamba:  "I have shopped here off and on for several years.  I always plan my Wichita meetings so that I can stop in."

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